how to select slippers manufacturer from china

in boston moving to miami this winter i

really hope you guys enjoyed this

unboxing video i’m super excited to

share it with you all so let’s get

straight into the video 7sku slipper

so today i am going to be unboxing a

amazon bestsellers product they are

these really cute fuzzy crisscross


personally i have been wearing slides


this ugly slides around my parents house

that are like meant to be worn outdoors

because love my parents but they’re like

way messier than i live i live very very

clean and i do not enjoy like any

kind of like crumb or dirt on my feet so

i don’t walk around my house barefoot

and i need me some new like indoor

slides like and i honestly kind of think

of this as like self-care like self-care

long-term hanging out at home

comfy feet comfy me right right okay so


are a little bit fuzzy i really hope

they fit me i ordered a pair of shoes

from amazon last week and they didn’t

fit me which was very disappointing

so i’m just going to show you guys what

they look like and

let’s see if they’re actually as fuzzy

as they look online i’m really really

crossing my fingers and hoping that they


um so i’m going to show you guys right

now this is the package that they

came in they’re from amazon it only took

about maybe like a day and a half to

come i think i ordered them like two

days ago

so super fast shipping but that’s kind

of like a given with amazon

okay from from

outside they do look they look nice let

me just they got really good reviews on

amazon too so

that is important oh


they’re so fuzzy okay first impressions

let’s do like a little little look at

the products

what are we thinking um

so this is like where the crisscrossy

slide part

is that like hugs your foot and then

a bottom you can wear these outside if

you want i’m probably going to keep

these as like my indoor slippers but

we’ll see how good i am about that

and then i will say the only thing is

like this doesn’t feel very plushy

on my hands maybe it will my feet um

when i put it on but

it feels like a little bit on the hard

side and

okay let’s try it on okay i guess i

should take my socks off to get like the

full effect of the slippers right

okay oh my god my face

i’m sorry okay you guys can’t smell so i

don’t know why i just told you all that

my feet smelled

first impressions they are a little bit

small on me

i’m a size like nine and a half ten and

i’m pretty sure i ordered pretty sure

these were nine so

like from okay i mean they’re not that

small on me honestly they’re really not

like see see there’s like a plenty of

heel room and this is what they look


from the front from the side yeah you

can see my little toes

um very comfortable i definitely would

not be mad about doing work in these

like walking around my house in them um

the sole like

i said when i was keeping them it’s a

little bit hard honestly i wish they


like a little bit more plush like memory

foam but um

honestly for the price they are insane

because you’re not getting anything

close to this quality on like other

kinds of um websites for this price

so um if you and definitely make sure to

leave any questions at the bottom of

this video if you guys have them and let

me know what you guys think if you guys

end up buying them

let me know as well um i would honestly

rate these probably like an eight out of

ten i don’t know if i would recommend

them to

like my friends it depends on how long

i’ve been using them and if i kind of


break them in and feel like they are um

really what i was looking for but i’m

giving them an eight because they are

very fuzzy and that i mean fuzziness and

comfort is number one

when i’m buying slippers i also like

that you can wear them outside if you

want to so you can like pull up

school pajama day looking cute with your


bougie fuzzy slides and like i don’t

know if i was a college student and

living on dorms

i mean i am a college student but if i

was living in the dorms i would probably

wear them around campus like to the

dining hall

like on a saturday morning or something

like that so um

i would definitely recommend these if

you’re looking for a

cheap affordable way to still feel cute

at home

in your little cute slippers and um i

just want to thank you guys all so much

for watching this video

i hope you guys liked it and definitely

make sure to subscribe and check out the

other videos on this channel

thank you so much



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