Redmi ac2100 router, use facebook

Let me briefly introduce my network environment

. If the yellow line is actually a mobile

optical fiber coming in, it is a light cat sent by the mobile.

After it comes in, it only has

one gigabit network card.

When it

arrives on the router of my Redmi ac2100 router,

one is the line that the optical cat enters

, and there are two lines.

One of the lines is connected to my

HK1 box

as a soft router to use the

other line, then it is straight. Even on my PC side,

my PC is far away from the router,

so I use a wired connection directly.

Hello, everyone. This tutorial video

is a tutorial video for people who are new to scientific Internet.

Soft routing is a very mysterious

network. What is the

cost of equipment

soft routing and how to build the network environment of soft routing,

so in this video, I will use my personal network environment

to make an introductory tutorial on soft routing.

First, answer a question. What is

soft routing used for?

There is hard routing. Broadly speaking,

hard routing refers to our commonly used routers. For

example, the ac2100 I use

can indeed achieve scientific network setting by flashing third-party


But the basis of the design of this router 免费梯子

is an ordinary router.

Asking him to perform scientific Internet access,

these complex encryption and decryption work are

basically powerless. It

can be said that a thousand yuan router is

likely to be unable to do a 200 yuan soft route,

so few people now mention the topic of

hard routing. We can do soft routing. It is understood that a small host is

connected to our router through it, and

the soft router is responsible for all the scientific Internet access,

so as to realize that

all devices in the entire LAN can access the Internet scientifically

, without the need for each device to separately set up

and at the same time soft routing can be done. Some meaningful things,

such as taking a look at Jingdong’s wool, hanging up and hanging sweethearts to

make money, etc. These applications that need to hang up on the

phone. At this time, someone asked about science to go online.

I installed an SSr

or v2ray on my computer or installed a small plane on my mobile phone. It’s

not the same as science.

Why do you need to use soft routing when

you are online? Then this question involves

under what circumstances do we need soft routing.

I think if you meet the following points,

you can choose soft routing. The

first family is not a computer expert.

Fei can’t find

some scientific software to surf the Internet.

After the soft router is set,

she only needs to connect to the home

WiFi without additional settings.

Second, if she wants to watch Netflix and YouTube on TV,

then the soft router is basically standard

because it is used. It

is relatively complicated to install scientific Internet software on TVs or boxes,

especially for boxes like googleTV.

If there is no soft router,

you may even have problems with activation. The

third is to use soft routers to achieve more network functions

such as offline downloads to advertising

QOS flow control, etc.

Waiting for the fourth is a tossing heart.

If you have any of the

4 points, then soft routing

is a choice for you.

Since soft The routing is so good,

so its cost is not high.

Here I will use myself as a case

to recommend a set

of configuration that I personally think is more cost-effective.

Optical cat This is a free

router. I used Redmi’s

ac2100 and the price is 140.

Of course, if you have an available router,

this is

a small host with soft routing.

I recommend the HK1 box

TV box 4+32GB version. The

current price is 220 yuan

. If you calculate it, it is 360 yuan.

I guess some people here will say

why not use the x86 soft routing.

In fact, the reason is that an x86 with a price of 200 yuan

must not be able to run the HK1 box.

Why did you choose HK1 and not choose the N1 of the Internet celebrity? The

reason is that your N1 is now in. The

price of Pinduoduo is about 150 yuan

and they are all second phones.

I might as well add money to buy the

better hk1 boxes.

As for the

current standard price of the Internet celebrity product r2s, I have not used it at 300 yuan, so

I will

not do it here. It is recommended

that this set of equipment

is able to run the full bandwidth for scientific Internet access with my current 300M bandwidth.

In addition, according to the actual measurement of the group, it

is no problem to run 500M.

Many people said that my gigabit

broadband seems to be a little unsatisfactory.

Everyone has overlooked a point.

There are a few people whose scientific Internet nodes can run so fast

. The monthly cost of a G-port VPS.

I guess many people can’t afford it.

According to my experience, the scientific Internet

speed can be stable at 100M.

The line is good.

Look at the tubing 8k Netflix 4k. In fact, as long as you stabilize it

at about 40 MB, there is no problem.

If you didn’t see the connection clearly,

I removed the three devices and

made a broken connection. In

this case, you may be I can see clearly in the

first step

, if the output port of the light cat, the light cat,

only one of it is a gigabit network port. We can see that

we can plug this cable into this

, and then this cable will be with me.

For the lan port of the Redmi ac2100,

just find a lan port to connect

to the ok. After the lan port,

we can see this machine, it

also has two other lan ports, and

choose one again.

After you connect, you can connect with our HK1

soft The router box is connected.

This is a simple setting.

If you have other

devices that need a network cable,

you can also

connect to other network devices through the LAN port.

Here I want to emphasize that

many people have upgraded the network.

One thing he often overlooked is the

network cable. After

I upgraded the network before,

my speed can only run behind 100 MB

. I only found out that the

network cable I used was a 100 MB category 5 internal cable.

Then I went to Jingdong and bought it again. For a Category 6 line,

we can look at the outer skin. Here is written 6 to

prove that it is a Category 6 line.

The current half-meter

category 6 line is about three to five dollars.

I strongly recommend that you replace it. Take a look at your own cable.

This is to ensure that your

network speed will not be restricted by the hardware.

How to distinguish between Category 6 and Category 5 is

the easiest way to look at the rubber, whether

it has 6

or not,

I think it’s big. Probability is not even category 5 lines.

You can just change one.

Next, let me talk about

the responsibilities of each device at work.

This is the light cat. Mine is only responsible for dialing.

This is my Redmi’s ac2100.

Its role is to act as An

AP is a wireless router. It is

not responsible for any other functions.

That is to say, it is only responsible for my WiFi.

Finally, this is the HK1 box.

It is mainly responsible for my scientific Internet use


dhCP (intranet) static IP. Management

Next, we start to set up each device.

I suggest that you

use your PC to connect with this device

through a network cable

every time you set up. The IP segment of each device may not be the same.

We need to unify here and then connect

it. Let’s set up the light cat first. Light cat,

we have to enter his super administrator background.

This is where we search on Baidu or Google

and search for mobile. You are from Telecom.

You can basically find

your super administrator account when you search for Telecom. After you come in,

we only change one place and

that is to change its static IP address

to 192.168.10.

Why is it 10?

This is mine. It’s convenient to set up later.

If you don’t know much about the Ip segment, it

’s the first time. I suggest you

set it exactly the same as me.

After you understand the principle, you can change

our light cat again. You only need to change this place

and save it. That’s fine.

I’m still dialing through the optical modem instead of using the bridge.

This thing is an explanation,

that is, the optical modem’s job is to dial. The

second step is to set up my


settings. Don’t refer to my IP address here.

Everyone is not. The same,

if yours is a new machine,

you can go to see a default IP address posted on the back of some machines.

Each machine is connected to your own PC separately.

Remind you to connect separately

. After we log in,

I am not using it here. The specific reason for Xiaomi’s original firmware

is this,

because the original ac2100 firmware

does not support the 160 MHz bandwidth of the WiFi5 band,

so in order to use its 160 MHz bandwidth,

I brushed Lao Maozi’s third-party firmware

so that this machine is guaranteed. The firepower can be fully turned on.

Here to add what is 160 (MHz) Hertz

is actually the fastest speed of WiFi transmission. The

original firmware of ac2100 only has the default

80 MHz. Then

I checked the single data bandwidth of 80 MHz, which is the

highest. It is 433 megahertz

and 160 megahertz reaches 867 megahertz.

Of course, the latest WiFi6

is already broken gigabit.

Here are two points to add. This is just one of

his theoretical speeds.

WiFi is affected by the environment, it will only drop by

20%~30%. I think it’s normal.

Many people say if I only have 100M

broadband or 200M broadband,

is it 160 MHz (MHz)

bandwidth for me? The

answer is definitely useful. Why do you say that


it is related to the speed of your LAN WiFi.

For example, I want to use a laptop to

copy a film on my PC

via wireless,

then this time its connection The speed

is that at your speed of 160 MHz and

800 MHz, the throughput of WiFi

is very much needed at this time


The 160 MHz is definitely

faster than 80 MHz

. The

only thing to note in the video is that when you are done setting

up, if you don’t want to

perform additional operations in this router,

I suggest you set it to Ap mode in the system management work mode,

which means it is a pure

WiFi. The original firmware of the transmitter

also has this mode. You can

find it or search it on Baidu

. The

last step is to set up our

soft router. After logging in,

we click on an

interface in the network. After the interface comes in

We can see that there is a modification here.

If you download my firmware,

my default IP is 99. The

last number is 99,

that is, when you log in here, the

address is

After you come in, change it to the default., the latter will not change,

then the ipv4 gateway

here will be set to ours.

Just remember that the static address of the optical

modem is set to 10 and there is no problem.

The custom DS is the same as the custom DS.

Use 10 only. Here

we save this for a little bit and it’s ok.

Here to remind everyone

because we are going to use this soft router to be responsible for

our dhcp, so

we must not go to this place.

We must ensure that it is a default open state.

We are not here.

I suggest that if you say that you are not particularly familiar with these things in the advanced settings,

you can use the default to change it. After

we click this to save and apply

our soft router, basically even if the settings are completed,

we will come to simple science

How to use soft routing to realize

the import of scientific Internet nodes

and how to import the nodes of our self-built machines

into our plug-in.

The import here is divided into two types

. The first is how to import the nodes of the airport.

The second is your own How to build a VPS node to import

a common airport

situation? First of all, here you are sure to find a

v2ray subscription address or

SSr subscription address. It doesn’t matter if

we copy any one ok. At

this time, we return to our soft routing. Here

we can choose 4 plug-ins for scientific Internet access,

one is called hel Loworld One

is called passwall,

another is called bypass,

and the other is called SSr plus.

Is it very complicated?

This is just for high-end players.

I strongly recommend that you use

ssrplus+. This software is enough.

Let’s click first. Now it’s useless, right

? For one step,

let’s go to this node list first.

Let’s add our node.

Right here, enter the address of our subscription just now,

and then we click here to update the subscription list.

Okay, we’ll wait a while after clicking it, then

we have an update subscription here.

Can we click

again? We can see that all the nodes are out.

Regardless of whether they can be connected or not, we will

test everything, right? At

this time, we will go back to the basic settings of the main server

. Which one do you want to choose? Which

Netflix streaming server

to choose? Which one do you want to choose? Is that right?

For example, the unlocking streaming media written by

him proves that he is unlocking the server

of Netflix.


it’s finished, don’t tick here and then automatically

bypass the mode of mainland China.

All the settings and changes are saved and

used. When we see that this is running,

our machine and our entire soft-routed

home network will be set up for scientific Internet access. End it all.

Your machine can go online scientifically without using any small airplane

or v2ray software. Your mobile phone can go online scientifically

as long as it can connect to

WiFi. Any device can go online scientifically

as long as it is connected to your home

WiFi. No,

I will teach you how to

import the node of the self-built server into our soft route.

Let me take this as an example.

For example, I want to import this node into my soft route.

First, click share

this place and we will see one After

copying the link, we copy the link

and we go to

our ssrplus+, right?

We are still in the node list,

we go

down to the bottom, there is one to add, click

here, it is imported, right?

Copy it to

confirm our information and import it.

We save the application node. We

can see it in our server list.

We can scroll down to see that there is no

link I just imported. How can I use it? Still here

I can select the link I just imported through here.

Finally, I will add

a concept and meaning of the main server and the Netflix splitter. The

situation is like this, for example, you

have a great Hong Kong node,

but it is fast. You can’t watch Netflix. At

this time, you can set it as your main server

so that you can get the fastest

Internet experience,

including the kind of iplc in some airports.

You can use it daily.

But it doesn’t unlock

Netflix. If you want to watch Netflix,

you can set up

a separate line to watch

Netflix here.


traffic will go to your main server’s iplc or whatever

your server is.

When you watch Netflix,

it will automatically switch to the line to see Netflix

. Finally, I will summarize the relevant tutorials of the above content.

In my blog,

you can refer to

the connection methods of soft routing. There are many other ways,

such as the main routing,

single-arm routing,

etc. This method of mine is the most common

bypass connection method.

If you like tossing, you

can complete it. The easiest way to set up is

to try other gameplays.

This video will end here.

If you want to see other content of the home network environment, you

can leave a message in the comment area.

I will try my best to satisfy

everyone. The video is here, goodbye everyone

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